The Land(Wiki) of GamesEdit

Hello,and GaminLife welcomes you to The Land(Wiki) of Games.You're welcome to help us make pages,FAQS and many more.The most of the games will be included even the first video game,Pong.The most important thing,have fun creating games and many more stuff will come to you.Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition will be coming soon.How to make your own video games and many more will be an another feature(s) coming soon.

Game of the MonthEdit

August is near to the end,but not the video gaming sales.As we reach in to new gaming heights,what newest game addition that's been introduced in August has been the best?

By User Review(Gamespot):Darksiders II for XBOX 360 won 8.8,,just .1 score away from Sound Shapes for Playstation Vita(PSV) which got 8.7.

By Review score(Gamespot):Sound Shapes(PSV and PS3) tied up with The Last Story(WII) 9.0 out of 10.But The Last Story won Editor's Pick.

By Aggregate score(Metacritic):Persona 4 Arena(PS3,XBOX 360),Sound Shapes(PSV),Darksiders II(PS3,XBOX 360) and Sleeping Dogs(PC) all tied up to get a score of 84 out of 100.

Won August's User Review


Won Review and aggregate scores for August


Won August's Aggregate Score


Won Aggregate score of August


Won August's Review score and Editor's score

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